Whether you’re a personal trainer, a diet coach, a gym owner, or just someone that consistently goes the extra mile to help others, this is your chance to further build your brand in the fitness industry

Our NPS Affiliates are a group of hand selected individuals that work directly with our supplements to help people get the best results possible. By partnering with us you will get full support from our team for you and your clients while also helping grow your personal brand and business.

  • Get paid for helping people get results

  • Earn a Sponsored Athlete position

  • Be a part of the fastest growing company in the industry

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It's simple

We supply all the tools for you and handle all the fulfillment details, such as order processing, shipment, billing and support. All you have to do is follow the plan and education we give you. Then go out and educate people about how to get the best results and then refer them to your personalized URL to purchase the NPS products that will help them – and then we pay you on those purchases.


Be Successful

The key to being successful is to help people. It’s not about selling products; it’s about starting conversations with people and finding ways to solve the issues that are keeping from reaching their goals. The amount of money you make in this program is a DIRECT reflection of how many people you are helping. The more effort you put into helping people the more successful you’ll be as a NPS Athlete. It’s that simple.